Teaching fitness on vacation
Taking my pool class through a few push-ups

I’m Amy Macgowan and that’s me, teaching an Aqua class at Super Clubs Breezes in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. I’m there as the guest Fitness Instructor for the week.

I’ve traveled and taught fitness classes at All-Inclusive Resorts throughout the Caribbean – over 30 working fitness vacations in the past 15 years. Most of the time with my husband John (but not always) and occasionally we have brought our two daughters. It’s important for you to know that only way we could afford even one vacation in Jamaica is traveling with Fitness Pro Travel. They are the agency that places Instructors, Golf & Tennis Pro’s, Personal Trainers and Mind Body Instructors at these wonderful resorts.

Our only business relationship with Fitness Pro Travel or FitBodies, Inc. (beyond being our friends) is they appreciate the help and education we provide here and reward us for the referrals we send them.

John hosts the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast where we have discussed our vacations in Jamaica. This lead to hundreds of questions from Instructors so we decided to create workingfitnessvacation.com to give us a place to answer questions and give recommendations. Over 200 Instructors have followed our links to FitProTravel.com in the past year and have gone on their own Working Fitness Vacations.

Amy and John Macgowan
You’re treated just like all the other guests

There is a lot of information here that should answer many of your questions. If you just want to skip ahead, step one is to see if you qualify to teach group fitness at a resort here.

There are no costs to you until you actually book a trip. So go here. and set up a profile so you can move to Step Two – picking your Caribbean resort.

About Fit Bodies, Inc.
Fit Bodies, Inc. has been offering international leisure travel for the fitness instructor since 1992. FitnessProTravel.com is home of the Fit Bodies teaching vacation program.
Instructors offer a couple hours of teaching to resort guests daily and in exchange you and companion(s) stay at luxury all-inclusive resort with accommodations and amenities provided just like a full paying guests. You wine and dine, enjoying an all-inclusive vacation usually costing thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price.

How does it work?
With the Fit Bodies, Inc. program you do not pay the hotel for your stay. You pay a fee for each week you travel, it’s roughly $500 for you and a companion (family resorts include two kids 12 or younger as well) to stay at the resort with all-inclusive everything for seven nights. The resorts are 4-5 star all-inclusive luxury destinations. Teach one or two indoor cycle classes on your non-travel days. It is a WIN WIN! You get a low cost vacation and guests have a great fitness experience! There are even more opportunities to the cycle instructors who also offer group exercise formats.

The details are instructors’ pay for flights and sometimes airport transfer costs (to and from hotel). All resorts participate in the GIFT FUND where we keep the hotel’s activities and sports department up to date with items or money contribution. The gift fund has a value of $150 at most hotels so that is part of your expenses.

There is no cost or obligation when you apply but I encourage you to apply by completing an online account with us at FitnessProTravel.com. The account gives you real time booking availability at all the resorts you qualify to teach at. So then you can choose when and where to travel, book it online with us, and be quickly confirmed with permission to buy flights.

NOTE: Many questions I receive from Instructors would have been more quickly answered by creating a profile at  FitnessProTravel.com  and then reading through their information and resort listings.

Once you are online at FitnessProTravel.com and going through the app process you will come across membership levels. I know it’s explained on the site but want to elaborate here- With the BASIC (free) membership you can view complete availability but with your free membership you only have access to book 15 resorts. By upgrading to any premium account (including TRAVEL) you will then have booking access to every resort you qualify to teach at. You can view resort details without even having an account by clicking on “TRAVEL SPOTS” on the FitnessProTravel.com home site.

I am so very satisfied with the customer service at Fit Bodies, Inc. This is not just a website, but a customer service driven team who consults, informs and prepares me 100% for each teaching position. The staff is polite and efficient with a desire to help in every aspect, as well as providing insurance and all information needed for our trips!
I feel safe and secure with Fit Bodies, when I am home or away.
Thank you so much for this wonderful teaching opportunity to enjoy vacation and share fitness.
-Susan G.

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  1. I have been told that this opportunity is also available to nurses. How do we proceed for a nursing working vacation?

  2. I don’t see the FDR resort offered on FitBodies site. How can that be booked as a visiting instructor?

    Thanks ~ Darla

  3. Hi Darla – I tried to be clear… to travel to FDR you’ll need to pay your own way. They were a wonderful resort for young kids – but aren’t part of the FitBodies program

  4. Hi John:

    Wondering if there would ever be a need for a class on Healthy Aging – as a Reg. Nurse and Wellness expert I teach fun and interactive workshops on being the best you can be. is this worth discussing?


  5. Hi John and Amy. I came across your site while doing a search for an idea I have. I have a bed and breakfast about 45 minutes south of Branson, Missouri, near Harrison, Arkansas. I was a physical therapist for 28 years, “retired” last year i.e. quit working because it became too stressful. I am 52 years old, overweight, no major health issues besides slightly elevated total cholesterol. Ironically, I also have a fitness trainer certification from ISSA which I completed in April 2013, but I have never actually had a client.

    I would LIKE to go someplace like the Biggest Loser resort for 6 months or so, to be immersed in healthy eating and daily “forced” exercise. But I have a husband and 2 teenage sons at home, and no disposable income. So my idea is, to have personal trainers come for a week’s stay at a time in my bed and breakfast for a working fitness vacation (hence my coming upon your site), to spend a couple hours a day helping to further my fitness goals, while having a vacation in the Ozarks.

    I have seen that your site / vacations are limited to Jamaica, but perhaps you would be interested in another destination, or at least could point me toward a link to potential traveling trainers.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    Veronica F

  6. What are your requirements for working as a travel fitness trainer and how can a trainer receive a salary when working ?

  7. What is the average pay for a traveling group exercise instructor through FitBodiesInc??

    Veronica…what is your email?? I would like to chat with you in regards to what you stated in your last message 🙂

  8. Please take the time to read the information above and then follow the link to create your profile at FitBodiesInc / FitnessPro Travel. Many of these questions are answered by following those steps.

  9. I am very interested in this working vacation concept . My area of work is water fitness. Please hook me up to any and all info I need to start this process! Thank you! Lisa

  10. Do you have places for adults only and possibly for adults in their 50s and above? Can you travel to different resorts say for a month or so to escape the winter? If needed other times you would be flexible to help out. What’s classes are popular? I do a CrossFit/cardio class, water aerobics and I’m a personal trainer. Very interested in this concept but at places with adults only.

  11. I am hoping to teach at a family resort and bring my husband and 14 year old son. How do I find out if there would be an extra fee for my 14 y.o. son, and what that fee would be? Do you know of any specific resorts that I could teach at that would permit my 14 y.o. son have the all-inclusive benefits ?(as everything I see, states that one guest and 2 children 12 and under are included).

  12. Because each resort is unique, you’ll need to contact them directly. It’s super critical to follow this process: #1 complete a profile at fitbodiesinc – #2 identify resorts you might like from those listed and check availability that match the dates you want to travel – #3 contact the resort directly about special circumstances.

    Some resorts a flexible… other’s not so much… you’ll never know if you don’t check 🙂

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