Discount Air Fare

The small agent fee you pay for your all inclusive stay at a Caribbean resort is a phenomenal deal – but you still need to get there.

When we meet other guests at the resort it’s not uncommon for a discussion about; “so how did you get here?” to develop. Without fail the people who flew with Apple Vacations had the least expensive vacation costs.

If Apple Vacations serve where you live I would be sure to check them – because they are charter company they don’t appear on the normal travel sites like Orbitz or Kayak .

6 thoughts on “Discount Air Fare

  1. Teddy you need to create a profile first. Finding and securing your travel is up to you. This post was only to identify Apple Vacations as a good source.

  2. I am a certified Zumba instructor and esthetician. I’d love to teach Zumba or offer spa services on a vacation.

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