Do I have to teach in the nude?

Do I teach fitness classes naked on a working fitness vacation?I’m considering a resort where half is au naturel. Do I have to teach in the nude? Or will I have naked people in my Step Class?

I hear that a lot.

Actually, you can’t teach in the nude, so take a sigh of relief!  When we are working, we are considered part of the staff and staff must be clothed.  (When we are not teaching, we are guests, with full guest privileges, so what you wear then is up to you 🙂

Now, will your participants be nude????  Uhm…pool classes on the au naturel side of resorts- most definitely.  And I have found these classes to be a lot of fun.

How about your other group classes? I have never, ever taught a Spinning class, or any other group fitness format where anyone was not clothed. Really.  It has never been a problem.

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