Do you have your Working Fitness Vacation Planned?

plan a family working fitness vacation to Jamaica or Mexico

Procrastination is the #1 thing that’s preventing you and your family from enjoying a warm beach this winter.

I know… it’s Summer and the last thing on your mind maybe where and when you are finally going to treat yourself to vacation in Jamaica or Mexico.

But be honest.

We both know that if you don’t plan a vacation now, you probably won’t. I know a lot of Instructors who, the day after Thanksgiving, realize haven’t reserved a teaching week and are crushed to find everything is booked and/or flights are outrageously priced.

There are hundreds of reasons not to spend a romantic week at an awesome all-inclusive resort.

But they’ll all sound stupid this February, while your frozen hands are scraping the ice off your windshield in some dark parking lot.

If you haven’t created your free profile you can here.

Pick your resort > Schedule your week > Book your flights.

All the other details will work themselves out.

They always do.




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