How about a free fitness vacation in Costa Rica?

Trip Tribe Paid Fitness Instructor Teaching Vacation
This jungle resort in Costa Rica looks exotic and the cost seems reasonable for 5 nights.

I’m always on the lookout for ways that I can leverage my ACE group fitness or Pilates certification to benefit me and my family. In the past I felt very privileged to teach fitness classes in Jamaica and Mexico as a representative of Fitbodies inc. Every trip was memorable, regardless if it was my whole family, just John or with a girlfriend… okay, the girlfriend trips were extra special!

The one caveat is that a Fitbodies trip costs money for the agent’s fee and airfare – that’s part of why I enjoyed the girlfriend trips the best. I provided the agent’s fee and my friends supplied the plane tickets – often using miles.

Now I’m excited at the prospect of travelling for free… and maybe even getting paid to lead fitness activities at a place I’ve always wanted to visit – Costa Rica!

Update: Click here to hear a review of TripTribe from a studio owner who recently completed a trip to Costa Rica –

I’ve been learning about the travel opportunities offered through Their program is similar to Fitbodies – you teach scheduled classes at a resort – except with you bring your own participants vs. instructing the people who are staying at the resort. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to teach a class full of familiar faces 🙂

Free fitness yoga instructor vacations
If a free trip doesn’t motivate you, well then you probably prefer to stay home.

How would you decide; Fitbodies or TripTribe?

I was discussing TripTribe with an instructor friend and John over dinner last week. This question came up… how would you decide?

The money part is always an issue (fitness pros aren’t very high up on the pay scale) so for a low (or no) budget trip, would be the first choice.

The romance and privacy that comes from being at an exotic Caribbean resort, where not a soul knows you, can be pretty magical. I’m not sure why, but john and I are a lot less self conscious when we know no one the whole week. If that’s important to you then Fitbodies would be the best choice.

Also: if you have a young family and this will be your first vacation alone with your spouse in years, (John calls these our marriage enrichment weeks) then Fitbodies for sure! And it doesn’t appear that you can bring children with

Traveling as a single, platonic couple or maybe you dreamed about being Julie from the Love Boat as a young girl? TripTribe could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you socialise with a group of singles from your club or studio? This would be a perfect vacation where you bring all your peeps.

And they pay your way…






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