How about bringing your fitness tribe with you on vacation?

Plan a free fitness vacation with

If you’re anything like John and me – many of your friends are members of your club, or customers at your fitness studio. Which is pretty common and makes complete sense when you stop to think about it. A successful group fitness class is built around a community of like minded people, working and sweating together. I’ll bet you also socialize with some of them outside of the club. They’re what you might call your “fitness friends”!

So would some of your “fitness friends” consider traveling on vacation together? They might… especially if someone organized the trip and made saying; YES! I’d love to go to Jamaica with you this winter, really easy to say yes to.

And for organizing the group you’d get to go for free? That would really be something, wouldn’t it?

That appears* to be what a new website is offering. You supply the group and they’ll do everything else.

I’m aware that Trek Travel offers a similar program to bike shops. The store recruits a group of cycling enthusiasts to go on a cycling vacation – often to Europe. With a large enough group, the bike store owner/manager gets a free trip in exchange.

Do you have a following of fitness participants/clients who you feel would be interested in traveling as a group on vacation?

You can learn more about this unique opportunity for fitness & mindbody Instructors here at

*I’ve requested more information from to clarify the exact details of their program.

Update: Damn spam filters ๐Ÿ™ I finally heard from and spoke with Meg Aidekman who’s theย Co-Founder, Marketing & Communications there. She found my request burried in her spam folder. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for Instructors.

John is planning to interview a Trip Tribe “Ambassador” – an Instructor who’s actually participated on one of these trips – in the near future.

2 thoughts on “How about bringing your fitness tribe with you on vacation?

  1. See Amy’s update above – not sure why in this day and age people choose to ignore bloggers like us – who are simply trying to help inform fitness instructors, so they can steer clear of scams and poorly managed companies. Very disappointing.

  2. Never mind – see the update why they hadn’t responded. This looks like a great opportunity for a botique studio owner to go on an awesome and more importantly FREE vacation!

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