Three Steps To a Working Fitness Vacation In Jamaica

Ready for a vacation yet????  I am always ready, but now it is getting cold in MN I’m thinking that our trip in late January is just a bit Working Fitness Vacation in Jamaicato far away and I am getting that panicky feeling because I don’t have anything on the calendar yet this year.  As I look into booking something this December, I thought I’d share the steps in how I go about it.

The very first step is to create your free profile at Fitness Pro Travel.

And then it really boils down to three things: how, when and where…

How … am I going to book my airfare? Frequent flier miles, an airline fire sale, use a companion ticket, see if there are charter flights available, just take the easy route and pay for it, etc?  I start to research all of these options.  This can take awhile, especially if I am looking to use FF miles.  I look at various dates and destinations, identifying weeks and time periods that require the fewest FF miles, or have the lowest rates.  (Remember, most of our contracts require Sunday to Sunday arrival/departure).

When…once I have identified the best times to travel (best for me being the cheapest)  I start to narrow down my choices based on what works best in my schedule.

Where….when I have chosen the week(s) of travel and the destination(s) (sometimes I can find great airfare or FF miles that work to more than one destination for more than one week that works in my schedule), I go to and research resorts that are available the weeks I can travel.  There is a lot of information on the website itself and links to the resort sites.  This is when I  get really excited because things start to come together.  The fitnessprotravel website is pretty up to date, but Suzelle does ask that you wait for confirmation before you book your flight.

With some patience and the commitment to hit “confirm” when you find a flight and resort that works for you, you can make a working vacation a reality!

Please feel free to e mail me with questions.

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