Free fitness yoga instructor vacations

Fitness studio owner reviews in this podcast interview

Fitness coach and instructor free vacation travel with triptribe
Coach Kelly with some of her tribe in the yoga hut.

If you have a loyal group of participants to your class or fitness studio, taking them on a TripTribe fitness retreat or vacation sounds like an awesome opportunity – especially when you get to travel for free as a TripTribe Ambassador!

We talked about this new opportunity in an earlier post about getting paid to take a group on a fitness vacation. 

Coach Kelly McCormack owns Club Inhale Exhale in Billerica, Massachusetts. This past May she traveled with a group of her clients to a ranch in the mountains of Costa Rica. it sounds like everyone had a great time and best of all, the check TripTribe sent her at the conclusion of the trip paid all of her expenses 🙂

Listen to my interview with Kelly to hear her explain her experience.

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