Fitness teachers go on working vacations!

Zumba Master class from instructors Diann Belluccia, Sara Norstedt-Sparrow, Nate Blake, Christina Cutler, Xavier Marzan and Dana Walsh.


DiAnn Belluccia just booked a cruise to the Bahamas for free! How did this happen? She was recently teaching one of her Zumba classes on Long Island and after class was approached by a travel agent. The travel agent offered her the opportunity to teach on a cruise ship for one week in return for her to provide fitness classes. Recreational fitness bookings are becoming a more popular way for fitness professionals to have the best of both worlds. They get to travel for free, keep in shape, and share their knowledge with a whole new group of people.

All the bookings for DiAnn’s cruise are through the cruise agency, and DiAnn feels confident that her numerous Zumba certifications will allow her to reach each segment of the population onboard. Leaving out of New York harbor, the ship goes to Port Canaveral then to Great Stirrup Cay, a private Bahamian island, then Nassau and back to New York. DiAnn designs each fitness event onboard and is not under an illusion that this is a “free vacation.” Her experience within the fitness industry is extensive and current. She is involved in continuing education programs, attends fitness conferences, and allows herself to explore employment options that she feels are exciting.

“And of course you are in a beautiful setting, imagine doing a latin dance class on the pool deck under the stars at night,” said DiAnn.

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