Guest Fitness Instructor Life at a Resort

So what’s life like as a guest fitness instructor at a resort?

Guest Fitness Instructor Amy teaching 11:00 Aqua Aerobics at a Caribbean Resort
"The Lady Amy" teaching Aqua Aerobics

Each resort has its own feel, or “flavor” so to speak, but a typical rundown goes something like this:

Our teaching starts on Monday. Most often, I have met either the activities director, or entertainment director on Sunday (arrival day). If not, I do on Monday morning to go over the week’s schedule. Most, but not all, resorts also have a “resident instructor” that is a local. Your contact may be the resident instructor instead of the activities, or entertainment director. All of this is spelled out in the contract you receive before departure.

I hesitate to put a “typical” or common schedule, because all resorts vary, but I will post three very familiar themes. I can say that you will not teach more than 3 classes per day and you never ever teach on arrival or departure days. Aqua is a common format at almost all resorts except Spinning only contracts.

Three common teaching schedules:

Scenario One:
*Early morning power walk (departing between 7 and 8 am- usually taking place on the golf course, thus the reason for early departure, so we are finished before the golfers tee off). I’m normally called into action in the AM so Amy can sleep in, John
*Mid-day aqua (11 am or noon start)
*Later afternoon class (4 or 5 pm start- has been a wide variety of formats ranging from step to Pilates/yoga)

Scenario Two:
*Morning class (9 am start- varying formats)
*Mid-day aqua (11 am or noon start)
*Later afternoon class (4 or 5 pm start- varying formats)

Scenario Three:
*Morning class (8 or 9 am start- varying formats)
*Mid-day aqua (11 am or noon start)
*Early afternoon class (2pm start- varying formats)

Usually classes go for about 45 minutes. I let the crowd dictate how long we go. Heat and sun will play a big factor. As for the number of participants, it really depends on “the house”. Sometimes the crowd for the week is fired up and super active- that is a blast and classes are big and energetic. My aqua class in Mexico was over 60 people. Other weeks, people just want to chill and that’s good too. I never pressure anyone, but just let them know I would love to have them and the opportunity is there if they want to take advantage of it. Most of the time my classes have been fairly small and aqua is by far the most popular. Don’t panic if you don’t teach aqua on a regular basis (I don’t). Just act like you do, take your professional teaching skills to the pool and you will be good to go. They will love you.

The rest of the day, and night (!) is yours to play and enjoy just like all the other full paying guests.

The first step in planning your working fitness vacation is creating your profile that identifies the formats you are qualified to teach (again don’t sweat the aqua).

5 thoughts on “Guest Fitness Instructor Life at a Resort

  1. Certification Specialist, teaching training over 28 years. fully certified w/cpraed Interested in what you have to offer an experienced instructor.

    thank You
    Michael T. Lewis

  2. Thanks Michael,
    FitProTravel (they are the agency we travel recommend) has dozens of resort locations and hundreds of teaching weeks available for qualified Fitness Professionals with your level of experience 🙂
    The first step is creating a profile that identifies the formats you teach. You can do that here.

  3. Thanks Catherine,
    There are multiple resorts that you and your family would enjoy. Our girls loved Rose Hall Resort when they were that age.
    The first step is creating your profile at FitTour Travel This will establish your credentials as a Fitness Pro. Once approved you can pick from dozens of locations with hundreds of available weeks for your vacation.
    Just to be clear, Amy and I post to this site because we want other professionals to experience the incredible experience that is traveling on a working fitness vacation. We promote FitBodies Inc. – FitTour Travel but don’t have any formal connection with them other than as friends of Suzelle (the owner) and an occasional discount she gives us as a “referral fee”.

  4. I tried to creat an account however I’m in Canada and your form doesn’t let me put Canada as my country. Is this site only for US residents? If so, can you lead me to another site which would accomodate Canadians wanting to teach group fitness in the carribbean?
    Thanks so much

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