What about the children? T.W.O.K.

“I could never leave my kids!” is a very common response Amy and I hear from other instructors, when we talk about our Working Fitness Vacations. We typically hear a steady stream of; I can’t, I couldn’t, I would never, etc…

Really? What if your spouse came home and said “we won an expense paid trip for two, to Hawaii!”

Are you saying you wouldn’t go?

You may think me a bit harsh when I say; “leave your kids. They’ll be there when you get back.” Air travel is very safe, despite what you may have heard Jamaica is very safe.

Side Note: Almost everything negative you hear about Jamaica is second hand, typically from someone who’s entire experience was the 3 hours ashore in Ochos Rios off a cruise ship. You will have a very similar experience at the port in Miami.

Amy and I started “Traveling With Out Kids” (TWOK) and teaching in the mid 90’s -when Instructor Programs were quite new – and our kids were 5 and 8 years old. We started describing our trips as “Marriage Enrichment Weeks” telling the girls (Abby and Carly) that mom and dad needed to take this week, so we would stay married the other 51!

I had won a trip to Mexico through my day job a few years earlier, so we had left our two girls at home before.  The trick to TWOK was finding care for our girls, that we would feel comfortable leaving them home with. Neither my, nor Amy’s parents were available, so we looked elsewhere. Here are some suggestions:

  • Neighbors – If you have some with similar aged kids suggest swapping kids while you each take a “Marriage Enrichment Week”.
  • Teachers – We were lucky that our girls had a number of young married teachers, who were thrilled with the prospect of watching our girls. Sometimes they stayed at our house, other times it was like an adventure for the girls living in another home.
  • Single friends  – This worked for us on a number of occasions and our girls loved the experience.

Do we miss our girls while we are gone? Yes, but not until the end of the week.

Did our girls miss us? Absolutely, but we feel Abby and Carly learned to feel safe and confident without us. They are now confident, secure, young ladies.

Please let me know if this was helpful to you or if you have other questions.

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