As the Guest Fitness Instructor, is it worth my time?

Many Instructors we talk to ask, “will I really save that much?”

So I decided to do a quick comparison for Rose Hall Resort, where Amy and I have stayed with our two girls for Spring Break on three different occasions. Please understand that our break is the last week of March, which is peak travel time, so these are their highest rates.  The non-holiday Instructor fee for Rose Hall Resort is $375 + you will need to bring $150 in “gifts” which are typically supplies needed by the on staff Fitness Pro. So your family of two adults + two children will pay $525.00 for a full week, Sunday to Sunday.

Here is what the guests you will be teaching will have paid. Notice this is for a Resort View room, the lowest level they offer and what is typically offered to the Guest Instructor. We have found the rooms to be very acceptable and then sometimes they surprise you 🙂

From Rose Hall Resort's web site 6/4/2010

So unless you are paid $3,000.00 a week as a Group Fitness Instructor, I’m guessing this may be worth your time.
See if you qualify here.

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