Could You Teach at a Resort for 8 Weeks or Longer?

Does this sound like you?

Instructor Amy Macgowan getting her resort pool class fired up!

Fitbodies Inc. is looking for some very special Instructors that can fly to Jamaica and teach for 8 or more weeks at a time.

Long Term Fall Opportunities We are looking for yoga and group fitness teachers to travel to Jamaica and teach long term this fall.  The booking fee will be drastically reduced if you are able to stay for at least 8 weeks.  We have availability at Couples Swept Away, Ritz Carlton, Secrets Montego Bay and others to mix it up a bit while you are there.

While not for everyone, with both girls at collage this year, I could see myself taking a long-term teaching gig in Jamaica… especially if I could spend time at Secrets Montego bay 🙂

First you will need to create your free account at FitProTravel

Then contact or for more information.

2 thoughts on “Could You Teach at a Resort for 8 Weeks or Longer?

  1. Jessica with all the snow and cold we’ve had here this summer, 8 weeks anywhere warm sounds awesome!

    First step is creating a free account using the link above to establish your yoga teaching credentials.

    Then I’d suggest using the contact link on the FitProtravel site to let them know your availability.

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