Living Well On A Budget How To Save Money on Travel: Be a Guest Instructor at a Resort and Stay for Free

Here is a very well written article from It’s about another Group Fitness Instructor’s experience while on a Working Fitness Vacation:

How to Save Money on Travel – – Be a Guest Instructor at a Resort and Stay for Free:  How My Friend Elyse Stayed for a Week at the Ritz-Carlton in Jamaica for FREE by Teaching Yoga

Teaching classes as a visiting instructor or providing services, especially if you are certified or licensed in the fitness or health and wellness industry, can be an excellent way to save money on accommodations at hotels and resorts when traveling by making it a light working vacation.

I met my friend Elyse about 15 years ago at a health club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She was a part-time aerobics instructor and we also became workout buddies.  One of the things I have long admired about Elyse is her ability to juggle and balance all the aspects of her life – her busy Public Relations career, her husband and two kids, her extended family and friendships, and time to take care of herself.  Elyse is very organized and efficient so she finds ways to combine her lifestyle and interests whenever possible.  For example, she teaches yoga and spinning classes at her local health club in the suburbs a few days a week and her entire family of four enjoys a free club membership.

In February, Elyse went on a fabulous week long vacation to Jamaica with her family without spending a lot of money.  They were even able to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort in Rose Hall for free.  How, you ask? Elyse signed up at a website called FitnessProTravel which facilitates the exchange of services between specialty professionals and numerous all-inclusive resorts and vacation destinations….

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P.S. Amy and I have never stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort.  Having driven past it, it looks very fancy and I”m sure very nice.

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