We just booked Jewel Paradise Cove Resort and Spa for December

Teach fitness class in Jamaica

Jewel Paradise Cove Resort and Spa is a brand new property in Runaway Bay Jamaica – and I’m not kidding about brand new, their grand opening isn’t until Nov 15 2013. That’s a month from now.

John and I are very excited to spend the week there. Poor guy, he wasn’t able to go anywhere last winter. My older daughter Abby and I had a fabulous time at Dreams in Puerto Vallarta… while John stayed home to watch the dog.

I hear this place is awesome and the early reviews are very positive. We plan to post a review of the resort as soon as we get back in mid December.

Do you have your teaching vacation planned for 2014?


7 thoughts on “We just booked Jewel Paradise Cove Resort and Spa for December

  1. I am very good at beach strolling, beverage drinking, eating, and enjoying life in general. I could be hired to tend your bags and fetch drinks for you. See you in the islands soon I hope!!!

  2. You’re welcome Lisa – this is such an awesome opportunity for Instructors we just have to spread the word 🙂

  3. I am a certified Pilates Instructor & a certified Booty Barre Instructor. Any information with regards to upcoming teaching dates would be wonderful to look into. Thank you!!

  4. Denise all the resort listings are available once you’ve created a profile using the link in my comment above.

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