Will I Be Moved Off Property?

In the previous post I have highlighted a section of your contract that states:

Keep in mind that there is a rare chance of being moved off property…

This does happen when the hotel over books and needs your room to give to a paying guest. Your chances of being moved are of course the greatest during holidays.

We get this question from Instructors and it’s typically in the form of a statement; “I bet it doesn’t take much before they move you off property.”

Working Fitness Vacation at Breezes Resort Jamaica
We called this the Viagra suite 😉

THE HOTEL DOESN’T WANT TO SEND YOU OFF SITE! Our experience is that the resort management will do everything they can to keep you there. The cost to have you at the resort is effectively ZERO. If they need to move you it means that they will have to pay another resort to put you up + they risk not getting the referral value of you recommending the resort to your friends and students. Our experience has been that we are moved from room to room much more often than being moved off property.

Sometimes it works to your advantage. One year at Breezes we got a notice that we were being moved later that day to another room. So we set off to find where we were moving to, only to find the room number we were given was for an OCEAN FRONT SUITE! It turned out that the hot tube was being re-tiled so they couldn’t give this room to paying guests. The manager actually apologized to us and asked if we would be OK with having the workers there during the day. Like I’ve said before, sometimes they surprise you 🙂

More resorts have opened and you can now reserve your week throughout dates in 2011 here.

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